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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "NEW" SAT Reasoning Test?

The new SAT Reading Test is designed to test students' ability to use information and select answers based on the test's content, using factual evidence, inference and context clues. The new SAT is different from the older format test in many ways. First and foremost, the new format test has no sentence completions or complex vocabulary questions; those questions have been replaced by longer passages and vocabulary in context with multiple meanings of words. The passages will be selected from historical or scientific documents and may include informational graphs, diagrams, or charts. The new format Writing and Language Test will test the rules of standard English grammar by using lengthy passages that contain questions about syntax. Students are asked to either correct any errors in grammar or accept the answer as "no change". The Math test has the most dramatic changes in the new format test. There are two separate tests: one with no calculators and one with calculators. These tests focus on multi step questions, including topics such as trigonometry and algebra. There is one section of "grid in questions" that are worth 4 points each and many "core" math questions involving lengthy word problems. There will be many questions on advanced mathematical topics, including building equations, imaginary numbers, and data analysis.

The Essay, which used to be mandatory, is now optional. The length has changed from 25 minutes to 50 minutes; the prompt will always be the same: analyze how the author built his argument based on the information in a 600 to 700 word essay. There will be only one reading, one writing, and two math sections; each question will have four multiple choice answers (instead of five in the previous tests.) There is no longer a penalty for incorrect answers.

How is the SAT test scored?

The two sections of Reading and Writing are combined; scores range from 200 to 800. The two Math sections are combined for a score ranging from 200 to 800. The maximum score is 1600. The essay is scored separately and not combined with any other section.

How do the college view taking multiple SAT exams?

Most colleges will select scores and combine them from any number of exams; many of the applications have two or three lines for the dates and scores. The new scoring policy also has a choice for "one sitting" score. The student selects only one test date and only one score will be sent to the colleges. This scoring policy allows students to eliminate undesirable scores from their transcripts. Most students take the exam multiple times to ensure their scores represent their best efforts.

How can the student receive optimum results on the SAT exam?

Marilyn Kohn Associates prepares the students by giving them developmental lessons in both the private tutoring and group classes and practice exams for homework. Students must work on their drill sheets and homework on a regular basis; the more study time given to the lessons, the better the student will be acquainted with the timing, strategies, and techniques involved in these challenging exams. All homework exams will be reviewed and scored; students will be able to record their progress.

Who are the instructors and how will they help students become better test takers?

Marilyn Kohn Associates trains all of the teachers using authentic exams and lessons designed to help students master the fundamentals of the exams. Our math teachers are experienced in teaching students of all scholastic levels and our lessons range from math basics to advanced concepts. Our English teachers are experienced in a variety of reading comprehension skills and are fully acquainted with the new format reading tests. They are also experts in grammar and essay writing and the "holistic" scoring scale developed by the testing service. All teachers help to create new lessons and are retrained using these materials.

How does the new format ACT compare to the SAT exam?

Both exams focus on reading, grammar and math skills in identical formats. Questions on these exams are presented in a 4 choice answer; there is no penalty for errors. The ACT also includes a science reading section and an optional essay.